Serving Clients virtually across the USA and in person at my Sacramento, CA office.

Jaci Schwartzmann

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a concrete modality. Hypnosis does not have any magical or mystical content. Hypnosis focuses your conscious (awake) mind so that your subconscious (unaware mind) can hear suggestions/information and put it into action so you may achieve the results in life that you desire.
I can teach you how to focus your mind with very little effort so you may enhance or make desired changes to empower you to live a better life.
You will learn just how powerful your subconscious mind really is! It has stored every thought, memory, and conversation you have ever had throughout your life and can be a driving force in your present life and future decisions, outlook on life, and communication with others.

Some Benefits of Hypnosis

Who Can Be Hypnotized?

I work with all types of individuals from all walks of life, ranging in age from 10 to 80 years old.

Some Myths About Hypnosis

No, you are always in control! No one can make you do anything you morally and or ethically disagree with.

The truth is, many people believe they can’t be hypnotized. As a matter of fact, each one of us is using hypnosis in some form every single day of our lives, either consciously or subconsciously.

We are experiencing some form of a trance-like hypnotic state each time we engage our imagination, each time we engage our emotions, each time our attention is focused upon our subjective experience. Strength of mind really has little to do with it.

You will remember everything after a hypnosis session, unless you choose not to.

Once your mind is fully aware and awake during a hypnotic session, this is not possible. If you really do not want to talk about something then you are under no compulsion to do so.

Company Training and Workshops

Jaci works with companies of all sizes; Jaci teaches your employees in a group or private setting to increase productivity and provide work/life balance with relaxation and stress management techniques. Schedule Jaci at your next employee training or through your EEAP program.


Hypnosis can be so valuable to assist with fertility/conception challenges and each trimester to post labor and delivery. See how Jaci can work with you through each phase from pre-pregnancy ( fertility and conception issues ) to labor and delivery.

Through relaxation & hypnosis, Jaci can assist and teach you how to respond positively to all the hormonal, physical, and emotional changes during your pregnancy. Decrease and eliminate unwanted symptoms. 

Enjoy every stage of your pregnancy and learn techniques to stay relaxed, strong, and content through each stage of your pregnancy as well as labor and delivery into motherhood.

Medical Advocacy and End of Life support Services

Now providing services and support with end-of-life advocacy.

Feeling overwhelmed with a medical illness or diagnosis? Whether it’s yourself or someone close to you. Navigating, understanding, and advocating for the needed resources, and support and putting all affairs in order can be daunting.

Hypnosis with Jaci now offers this additional service to assist you and your family with not only the needed emotional & physical support through hypnosis and relaxation but also with medical advocacy and end-of-life planning.

Creating a plan to set up individualized resources. Helping create those resources for all areas around a diagnosis. Whatever you need support in. Reconciling relationships, Finding the right ancillary services and support that are related to your condition. Guiding you to create a plan that encompasses medical advocacy a support network and resources relating to decisions making and legacy wishes.

Jaci is one of the most intuitive and ethical practitioners with whom I have ever worked. In my sessions with her, she always took great care in making sure I was comfortable and understood exactly what to expect. I always knew as Jaci's client, my concerns were her priority.
Karen E.
New York
Jaci made me comfortable from the start, she showed me that hypnosis is not magic. Jaci made me understand by using the toots she taught me I can get my life where it needs to be, plus I am a lot more relaxed, and I don't smoke anymore.
Randy C.
New York
I take zoom sessions with Jaci in Sacramento. This is for general anxiety and sleep deprivation. I have been taking lessons for a few weeks now and can see a marked improvement. Sessions are convenient and flexible!
Matthew Heminger